“Sanctuary Cities” Law Fight Grows

By Pilar Arias

Local and state leaders joined opponents of Senate Bill 4 outside the federal courthouse Monday afternoon.

Among them, state Rep. Diego Bernal (Dist. 123, D) and Senator Jose Menendez (Dist. 26, D), who said the Sanctuary Cities law violates civil rights.

Bernal and Menendez both told a rally crowd that they asked lawmakers for exemptions and revisions to the bill while it was in the process of becoming law.

“I presented an amendment to exempt traffic stops and jaywalking. Guess what they said? No,” Menendez said.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg also introduced the mayors of Austin and El Cenizo to participants. The city of Houston’s mayor sent a councilman to speak on his behalf, who said that reports of crime are already down in Hispanic communities as a result of SB 4.

Lawmakers urged Texans against SB 4 to not only mobilize a movement, but to be persistent.



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