Scharringhausen changes plea to guilty on third day of murder trial

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A San Antonio man changed his plea just before taking the witness stand today on the third day of his murder trial .

John Scharringhausen’s lawyer told the court he was worried about retaliation if his testimony was seen on the news. He was expected to testify today in the 226th District Court.

Scharringhausenis accused of killing Anthony Sanks in January of last year when Sanks was shot 10 times outside of his apartment on the northwest side of San Antonio.

The two men reportedly planned to kill a third man in June 2019, but police believe that Scharringhausen and the third man worked together to retaliate and kill Sanks.

Police said records show that Scharringhausensent a text to Sanks that said, “I’m outside,” just minutes before the first 911 call reporting gunshots was made.

The third man, who has never been identified, reportedly was killed two weeks after Sanks was murdered and police speculated last year that Scharringhausen “may also be involved in that murder.”

Scharringhausen faces up to life in prison.

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