Schertz PD: 11-year-old taken into custody after toy gun taken to school

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — An 11-year-old student at Wilder Intermediate School is in custody after a toy gun was confiscated on Monday.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., school administration became aware the student had brought a BB gun on campus, but a closer look by the school resource officer found the student had an airsoft pellet gun.

In a Monday release, SPD says the replica toy was made to look just like a real Glock firearm.

Further investigation revealed that the student had sent a picture of the gun via direct message on social media to another student, implying that the airsoft pellet gun was a real gun and intended to use it during a fight.

As a result, the student was detained for Terroristic Threat, a Class B Misdemeanor, and taken to the Guadalupe
County Juvenile Detention Center.

“The use of replica guns in such incidents is nothing less than risky behavior. Playing with or handling guns, real or replica in such instances, is dangerous and can be deadly,” stated Chief of Police Jim Lowery. “We also want to thank those who brought this situation to the attention of our school administrators.”

On two different occasions last week, Schertz PD detained or arrested students at two different campuses for similar infractions.

Last Wednesday, a student was detained after a loaded gun was found in his backpack at Clemens High School.

The next day, a student at Allison Steele Enhanced Learning Center was arrested after investigators found he had taken a gun to school.

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