School Choice Bill Unveiled in Austin

Senator Larry Taylor and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick unveil another bill related to school choice.

“We already have school choice in Texas…if you’re rich enough, you send your child to private school,” Patrick said.

But this bill, he said, ensures every parent can sent their child to the school they think is best and the public schools don’t lose money, he said.

“The schools will actually keep money when a child leaves under a school choice program meaning that school will have more money and less students,” he said.

Senator Taylor said his bill creates two programs for parents: “an education savings account program and a tax credit scholarship program.”

That savings account can be used for things like “private school tuition at an accredited private school, private tutoring, online learning,” he said.

Democrats were quick to label the bill “disastrous.”

This disastrous private school voucher bill is nothing but a slap in the face to the children, parents, and teachers of Texas,” Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said, in a statement. “Texas children are stuck in overcrowded classrooms, high-stakes testing is run amok, teachers need a raise, we are in desperate need of universal Pre-K, and the school finance system is broken. The duty and charge of the Texas Legislature is to fix these problems, not create more problems by siphoning taxpayer dollars to the unaccountable, ineffective for-profit friends of Republicans.



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