Sculley’s Retirement Raises An Interesting Question

Now that City Manager Sheryl Sculley has announced her retirement a host of questions need to be answered.

In her announcement she said she will stay through the transition to a new City Manager, but no later than the end of June 2019.

One of the most interesting questions is whether or not there will be pressure put on Mayor Nirenberg to hold off on hiring a new CM until after the May 2019 election.

Chances are the Mayor will face at least one challenger in Councilman Brockhouse. The two are so completely opposite it is hard to imagine they would pick the same type of person to run the city.

Should Brockhouse (or another challenger) defeat Nirenberg, the new Mayor would not have his or her choice of City Manager.

We have seen this question arise nationally with lame-duck politicians who are pressured to hold off on important appointments. While Nirenberg is certainly no lame-duck, some question whether he is a shoe-in to continue as Mayor after May 2019.

Thoughts? Please share.

San Antonio city manager Sheryl Sculley announces resignation



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