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Seagull lands on teen as she takes off on amusement park thrill ride

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — You may have seen one of the hilarious video from cameras perched on amusement park thrill rides.

People will scream, cry, laugh, pass out or puke.

But one 13 year old girl had a face to beak encounter with a seagull as she was sent into the air on the SpringShot ride at Morey’s Pier on the Jersey Shore.

In a video posted online, Kiley Holman and and her friend Georgia were all strapped into the seat of the ride, which resembles a giant sling shot.

You can see the anticipation build on their faces as they prepare to be shot upwards.

Then as they are launched, the girls scream. But Kiley’s expression turns to panic because a seagull lands on her chest.

She couldn’t see what had landed on her as it’s probably impossible to move your head forward as your hurtling through the air at 75 miles per hour and her friend Georgia….she was no help. She had her eyes closed and was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Kiley reaches down and grabs the seagull then tosses it back into the sky.

Kiley wasn’t hurt….we’re not sure about the bird.

The video has of course gone viral.

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