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In preparation for the release of my new book of poems (publication date May 11), I am going to be posting a poem a day. Hope y’all dig ’em. This first one is my take on The Lord’s Prayer…

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The Holy Rosary.

Our Big Daddio,
who kicks-it in Heaven,
beloved is your name,
your time is coming,
your will is my will,
on Earth, as it is
in Paradise.

Bless me today with
only what I need today,
forgive me for all the
heartache I have caused,
and give me the courage
to forgive those
who have had cause
to break my heart,
as well.

Lead me far from
the darkness of my
fears and weaknesses,
and guide me to the
white light of your
sacred love,

for you are
the past, the present,
and the future, in
a single moment, like
The Staple Singers,
on 45 rpm,
in a dive bar
jukebox, playing
forever and ever,



Copyright 2019 by Sean Rima.

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