Sean Rima: A Poem A Day #2.


Getting Kinky on the road.

The old outlaw
got word to me that he
was headin’ to Houston
for a killin’, and he
needed a
riding partner,
and so I saddled
my horse and met
him on the trail,

and we oiled the
cylinders of our Colts
after stuffin’ our mounts
with oats, and then we
set out, with easy money
on our minds, and we
rode for days
and days,

and along the way,

we sang ol’ cowpoke
songs to one another,

and told dirty jokes,
and gnawed our fresh
tobaccy, just to pass

the long hours of the day,

and when we finally
got to Houston, we made
a killin’, only we wasn’t
ridin’ horses–

we was just rollin’ down
I-10 East past Katy
and Seguin, in

my 2017 Chevy Traxx,
to play a gig at the
Mucky Duck on
Norfolk Street, hitting
every truck stop in-
between for a

piss or a brisket or a
bit of caffeine, and it
was the best day

ever, just me,

and Kinky,

and the road.



Copyright 2019 by Sean Rima.

“Poems” by Sean Rima available May 11 by Lulu Press.

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