Sean Rima: A Poem A Day #5



for Siria.

I love you.

I really do, and–

I love the way your
farts wake me up at three
in the morning, silently, long
after I have turned-off the TV,
and cranked-up the box
fan pointed at my
head on the
nightstand, and

yet, still, your

gorgeous farts

wake me up like a

song on the radio, and–

I love the way you
grit your teeth whenever
you have to repeat yourself
because I can’t hear you, even
though, half the time, I am
only pretending
to not hear you
I love the way you
grit your teeth whenever

you have to repeat yourself

because I can’t

hear you, and–

I love the smell of
your shampoo, and
your girly smile, and
how pretty your
eyes are

without eyeliner, and–

I love the way you
pick up laundry from the
floor with your tiny feet
like a monkey when

your arms are full, and–

I love the way your
beautiful butt wiggles and
your purse bounces against
it when you are walking
fast because you
are late to be
somewhere, and

you are always late

to be somewhere, and–

I love the sound
of your laughter when
you see something on
Facebook that
makes you

LOL, and–

I love the
power and the poetry
of your cussing when the

Spurs miss a shot, and–

I love the way you
sing old school country
songs on the porch
after a few

hard ciders, and–

I love watching you
heat up tortillas on the
stove coils when you make
that crazy stuff with the

ground beef and the corn, and–

I love that you love
my poetry, except the ones
about my ex-girlfriends,
which I take as

a compliment, and–

I love waking up
next to you on Sunday
mornings, not knowing
what we’re going to
do that day,
for me,

it feels like church, but–

most of all, above it all–

I love you,
as you are, in
my life,

I really do,

and I just
wanted to tell–




Copyright 2019 by Sean Rima.

“Poems” by Sean Rima to be released May 11 by Lulu Press.



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