Sean Rima: And now, back to real life.


(Some notes from late last night, scribbled on my porch…)


Well…that’s that.

And now, back to real life.

I do care about politics, and the ebb and flow of power and influence within our borders, as well as without. It’s important stuff, who is governing you, and how much it costs you to govern you, and whether or not the folks who govern you are actually doing the job of it, or just getting laid, in limousines, while drinking 100-dollar champagne and slurping 50-dollar-a-bowl crab bisque. Honestly, most of these pukes have long ago forgotten that they work for YOU, and not the other way around…

…still, apart from casting your vote and maybe knocking on a few doors and shit, there’s not much you can do about the trajectory of history. But you always have a choice as to what is truly important, and what is not, in your life.

What is important in my life, right now, at this particular moment?

The sound of that cricket, to my left, mixing with the Beethoven sonata on my radio, to the right, as I sit here on my porch.

The sound of my daughter’s voice on the phone.

The sweet scent of fideo on my stove.

The sound of my brother’s voice on the phone.

The softness and security of my wife’s body, when I crawl into bed at Midnight, and watch “Forensic Files” in the dark.

Binge-watching “Chopped!” with my stepdaughter on a lazy Saturday.

A well-crafted poem.

Listening to Waylon Jennings and Don Williams music.

Bobbing down the Comal in a rubber tube, in July, and doing shots of vodka.

Saying a few prayers and lighting a candle at the Lourdes Grotto with my wife.

Sleeping on Kinky Friedman’s couch.

Eating eggs and bacon on a Sunday.

Point being…it all goes so fast. This life-thing.

So, take a deep breath. Chill. Put your politics on the shelf and go be in the world. In this one moment you’re in, right now. It really is the only one you’ve got, whatever happens after it’s gone.

Or, as my old mentor, Bob, used to say: “Love somebody.”

There really is nothing more important than that.









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