Sean Rima: The Cost of Being LEE.

Okay. Here is exactly what I think happened with the changing of the name of Robert E. Lee High School to “LEE,” which stands for “Legacy of Educating Excellence,” which, I think we can all agree, sounds kind of stupid.

As Confederate statues (and even a few non-Confederate statues) were being yanked from their racist pedestals across the country, the administrators at NEISD decided to be as trendy as possible, and push for the removal of the school’s name because that mean ol’ General Lee was an evil, slave-owning racist.

Once the decision was made, current students, their parents, and former grads of Lee High School went ballistic, and guys like me were mocking the name-change on the radio. What seemed like a pretty groovy (although ill-conceived) idea at the time became a PR nightmare and a local joke.

Feeling bitter and butt-hurt, the folks at the NEISD tried to be more clever than they are, and came up with the ridiculous idea of changing the name to LEE. Jesus. They should write a thesis on “How To Make A PR Nightmare Even Worse In Three Letters”.

Today, it is being reported that the total cost for the name change will be around $300,000.00, which, the school district maintains, is a hell of a deal, considering it would have cost 1.3 million had the district decided to make all the changes it could. Gee. Thanks. That’s like saying, “think of all the money you’re saving on dog food by buying a cat!”

Oh, yeah. One more thing. The district is going to spend $15,000 on a campus museum honoring…General Robert E. Lee. So, the dude who is too freaking racist to name a school after is not too racist to have a special museum built for him. Because that makes sense.

Personally, I think the administrators at Northeast need to lay off the reefer, or whatever it is they’re smoking, because so far, the whole name-change thing has become not only a local joke, but an expensive local joke.

Maybe that three-hundred grande would be better spent educating the little boogers on Civil War and American history rather than engaging in trendy attempts to rewrite that history based upon what is currently politically correct?

After all, better-educated kids would be an excellent legacy…

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