Sean Rima: Dems Be Trippin’.


It was, by most accounts, a very well-received State of the Union speech.

According to CBS News and Yougov, 75% of viewers approved of it, 65% were proud of what the president said, and even 25% of Democrats had a positive reaction to the speech. Democrats.

Of course, most of the Liberal Pukes within the chamber–and their moronic celebrity friends–were about the business of putting their grotesque disconnect from the ‘real world’ on full display, both during and after President Trump’s speech.

Indeed. Nancy Pelosi’s tongue-chewing scowl during Trump’s call for ‘unity’ made her look every bit like the entitled, rude bitch we have always suspected her of being, while the collected scowls of the Black Caucus during the applause over low unemployment in the Black and Latino communities made them look every bit like the soulless race-baiters we know them to be. Not exactly sure what was going on with the bizarre squirming  of Chuck Schumer, but I suspect it had something to do with an itchy, clenched butthole.

In any event, with every scowl and stone-face at the mention of our vets, the economy, and American pride, the Democrats made total diapers of themselves, as if they were all wearing ear buds and listening to John Tesh music, while the rest of us were focused on the speech the president was actually giving. The frosting on the Shit Cake was, of course, when Luis Gutierrez stomped out during the ‘racist’ chant of “USA! USA! USA!” Obviously, the pathetic snit fits of snowflakes are not limited to our university and college campuses.

Ugh, then came the expected flood of celebrity tweets. Mark Ruffalo, who earns millions and makes millions for two massive corporate film studios, groused about the “working class” and the evils of “corporate wealth”. Sarah Silverman, whose breasts are more interesting (and possibly smarter) than she is, waxed grimly, “I was told darkness could not exist in the light. But here it is, for everyone to not see…”


Lay-off the Magic Mushrooms, sister, they ain’t workin’ for ya.

It’s as if they are all living in an alternate reality from the rest of America, and the fact that they are so ridiculously blind to this fact is a testament as to why Donald Trump won the election in the first place.

In other words, the Dem’s be trippin, yo.

And not in a fun way.

In fact, the more they trip through this contrived and self-serving fantasy of their own bitter-ass creation, the more political power, validity, and influence they will lose with the American people, and not merely among the Honky and Deplorable Crowd.

And its their own damn fault.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s








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