Sean Rima: On Feeding Your Soul.

The other night, I said on the show that I believe one of the reasons we are seeing more mass shootings is because our nation is soul-sick. I’ve received a few messages about this, and I wanted to clarify my thoughts a bit.

I believe that every day we are alive, as we are consciously feeding our bodies, we are unconsciously feeding our souls. In this, we become what we take into ourselves. If you feed your body nothing but junk food, your body will turn to junk. Likewise, if you feed your soul nothing but violence and porn, that is what you will eventually become. The more darkness you allow into yourself, the more the darkness will control who you are and how you live. I believe, in a sense, this is what demonic possession is.

Conversely, if you nourish your soul with love, empathy, and humor, that is what you will become. Over the years, I’ve met a few individuals whom I consider to have been spiritually ‘enlightened,’ or as one-with-God as a person can get on Planet Earth. They all had a few things in common:

They nourished themselves continuously with spiritual food, whether it was daily scripture readings and prayer, or doing good works in the community.

They lived in a constant state of thankfulness, as if each moment were a blessing.

They lived in the present moment, and no other. They didn’t obsess on the past, nor did they worry much about the future.

You know these folks when you meet them, don’t you? They almost seem to exude light from every pore, as if they are made of pure sunshine.

Of course, we’ve all met the other kind, and maybe we have been that person on occasion, as well. A dark soul will gorge itself on spite and bitterness, and see life as either a burden or a curse. I believe if you take enough darkness into your soul, at some point, you will stop being human. You become a monster, like the killer from Sutherland Springs.

Culturally, America is in a place where there seems to be an overwhelming supply of darkness for the soul, and not a whole lot of light. Again, it’s like eating junk food versus eating healthy. There’s a fast food joint on every corner, and it takes a little discipline to tune it all out in order to maintain a healthy spiritual diet.

So what did your soul have for lunch today?

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s





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