Sean Rima: Final Notes On Sculleygate.

No doubt, last week was a hoot.

For those of you who missed it, on Wednesday, I went off on an unplanned rant about our Illustrious City Manager, Sheryl Sculley, who was then being considered for a $100,000.00 annual bonus to be included with her $25,000.00 salary increase, bringing her total compensation for the year to an eye-crossing $575,000.00, despite, in a sense, being her own boss, and largely self-approving her job performance. This, despite the fact that entire neighborhoods in this town go dark once the sun sets, and if you were to trip into a pot hole on the South or West sides, you would probably never be seen again, as if Pennywise The Clown had just dragged your ass into Hell’s sewer.

The next day, of course, her City Spokespuke, Jeff Coyle, infamously called our news department at KTSA to complain about my “sexist” comments. Now, to be sure, Coyle is himself an overpaid weenie, but given his own experience in news media, it is odd that he would think calling the newsroom at a Talk station would be the appropriate response to his boss being insulted on the air. In over 28 years in Radio, I have never seen such a douchey move by a city official. What, exactly, did he (or Sculley) think was going to happen? I was going to get fired? Reprimanded? Or maybe receive a good spanking from the Program Director? For what? Doing exactly what I do on-the-air every day, five nights a week? It is, after all, an “opinion” show.

Then came the even douchier response from the Express-News, specifically ‘commentator,’ Brian Chasnoff, whose last name is only half-right. Chasnoff’s view is that I am an “internet troll” whose comments concerning Sculley were “noxious,” although, mysteriously, he left out most of my answers to his phone interview questions from Friday, and even managed to screw-up the timeline of when I said what on my show. Jumping Jesus. The little booger was quoting my Friday show before I’d actually gone on the air. The only thing the Express-News clarified for me was that 1) my Sculley quotes were the most interesting thing about the article, and 2) Millennials should not be allowed to write for any news agency until they either turn 45, or can pass a basic Journalism class with a #2 pencil and a hardcover Thesaurus.

Now, in all reality, I couldn’t care less what any of these people think about my show or me. Their weenified reactions invalidate any reasonable arguments they may have had about what I was saying. Certainly, Sculley is insecure about how much the City of San Antonio is paying her, or she wouldn’t get so butt-hurt when people bring it up. The Red Queen protests too much, I think, and whatever her issue might be with how she earns a living in this town, it ain’t got nothing to do with me. That’s between her and Jesus and whatever’s in her medicine cabinet.

Of course, the frosting on the cake was the clenched broad on Chasnoff’s personal Facepuke page who commented–on a link to his article–that she hopes I have some #Metoo moments in my life, so that, I guess, she can watch me get what’s coming to me.


A woman hoping other woman have been abused or harassed because she doesn’t like some guy’s radio show. Wow. That’s…sick. And not to mention the textbook definition of an internet troll.

So, whatever the Hell. Get over yourselves or don’t.

In either event, I’ll be back at 4:05 this evening, kicking the hornet’s nest in the ass when it needs to be kicked, and having the time of my life along the way…

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s










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