Sean Rima: God, Guns, and Idiots.

If you’re going to argue for more gun laws on top of existing gun laws, you should probably educate yourself on which gun laws currently exist, and which ones do not. While I am certainly no expert on guns or gun laws, I am an expert on knowing when people are talking out of their butts, and the gun debate always brings out a lot of butt-talkers.

Case in point: a dude called me up yesterday on-air and said, “Sean, we gotta do something! Right now, I can go to Walmart and buy a gun without a background check or anything!”

I told him that wasn’t true. I said, you can go to Walmart and buy conditioner, tee shirts, and condoms without a background check, but you cannot buy a gun.

He persisted. When I kept asking him why he thought this, he finally replied, sheepishly, “well, some guy told me…”

Ah. At last, the truth.

Look, I am one of those who believes the issue with mass shootings isn’t about guns, but rather about something that’s a little harder to pinpoint, but it’s there, every day, all around you.

It’s a sickness of the soul.

Everything about our culture is hyper-focused on the needs and wants of the individual, and the underlying motif is “YOU deserve it!” Even if you’re an asshole.

We text, but we don’t talk. We humble-boast and post about doing good things, but we don’t really do a damn thing for anyone. We get offended, and then demand special rights. We support Free Speech as long as the folks who disagree with us shut the hell up. We have family dinners and stare at our phones.

I am also one of those who believes the only way out of this is through God, prayer, and spirit.

If you think I’m silly or uneducated because of that, so be it.

What’s working for you?

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s



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