Sean Rima: Hillary and White Chicks.


By now, surely you’ve heard that Hillary Clinton was in India this past weekend, blaming white chicks for her election loss. Apparently, they were all going to vote for her, until their “husbands, bosses, and sons” told them not to vote for her. Once again, Crooked Hillary proves how completely deluded and disconnected from reality she is, which is why, among other reasons, she lost that freaking election.

The sad part is that like many Old Liberal Idiots, Hillary seeks to paint America as somehow magically reverting to the 1950’s after the presidency of Barack Obama. Suddenly, white women went back into the kitchens and started blindly obeying their husbands, and the husbands (and sons and bosses) went back to wanting black folks off the bus. It’s not only a tired argument at this point–it also has no basis in reality.

The only people these days who were even alive in the 1950’s are old farts like Hillary. I’m a 50-year-old dude, and I don’t know any conservative women who blindly follow their husband’s instructions on anything, let alone voting. Why would people of my generation want to return to an era we didn’t live through and know very little about?

Hillary’s bizarre claims seem even more surreal given that President Trump just announced the appointment of the CIA’s first woman director.

Of course, you probably won’t hear much about Gina Haspel in the news today.

Doesn’t fit the Liberal narrative.

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