Sean Rima: I Smell BULLSH*T Over This GOP Thang.


Listened to my good brother, Trey Ware, interviewing Mayor Nirenberg this morning, and I gotta tell ya:

I smell bullshit.

According to the mayor, there was no vote taken on the GOP convention bid because they had decided not to bid for it, so there was nothing to vote on. When pressed about how the decision not to vote was reached in Executive Session, Nirenberg couldn’t answer, other than to repeat that there was no vote to be made. This implies the decision not to vote somehow just…happened. Perhaps it was found under a mushroom, or wood elves made the final call. Whatever.

The reasoning is the same, and the mayor utilized many of the same lines he has been trotting out since this controversy began. Not economically good for SA. Would cost us 60 million dollars. Too much disruption. Yadda yadda yadda.

Not buying it. Sorry.

The local business community has already said they would put up the 60 million, not to mention millions of dollars in federal security subsidies would be available, given this convention involves a sitting president. Moreover, the estimated boon to the local economy would be upwards of 200 million, so claiming financial hardship makes about as much sense as snorting condoms to clear up Post Nasal Drip.

Personally, I think our pukish (and decidedly not very transparent) city leadership is worried about shooting their wad on the GOP convention, and then little, wee Julian Castro ends up being the presumptive nominee for the DNC. To be fair, Nirenberg has said they will not bid on the DNC either, but I think this, also, is bullshit. Of course, I can’t prove it to be bullshit, because it hasn’t happened yet. But given the track record of our city leaders for engaging in bullshit, my bullshit diagnosis stands until proven otherwise.

The most unfortunate thing about this entire debate is how embarrassing it is for San Antonio. Honestly, this is Peyton Place stuff, and it makes our great town look like a bunch of good ol’ boys and cornfed piss-ants debating a city-wide ban on dancing, travelling carnivals, and color TV.

Increasingly, I am thinking political ambition is a disease of the mind. As for this particular disorder, I believe it is reaching epidemic levels at the city council.

The symptom is a willingness to engage in bullshit if it serves one’s purpose.

The cure is the truth, which is a rare commodity these days…

Especially at City Hall.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s

You can hear Trey’s interview with Mayor Nirenberg HERE:

RON NIRENBERG says RNC decision to not bid was not a violation (Audio)



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