Sean Rima: MAGA!


Today, I bought a MAGA hat.

Despite being a Trump supporter, this is the first MAGA hat I have purchased, not because I think there is anything wrong with the hat, but rather because I don’t wear anything with a political message on it. I don’t wear political stuff because I don’t like getting into it with folks over politics when I am off the air. In fact, people wanting to talk politics with me when I’m off the air annoys the hell out of me. I understand why they would want to, because of what I do for a living…but it is what I do for a living. I talk about politics for three hours a day, and that is more than enough. The rest of the time, I’m just trying to live my life.

Then, this morning, I saw the story about the Vietnam vet who was harrassed on a VIA bus for wearing a MAGA hat. Wrap your head around that shit. An elderly man who served his country, who put his own life on the line in a theater of war, and who was more than likely mocked and insulted for it when he got home by nutless douchebags who had never risked a damn thing for anyone…this man, decades later, is harrassed on a bus in San Antonio by a couple of equally-nutless douchebags. And for what?

For wearing a hat.

The same hat a man in his 80’s was physically assaulted for wearing in New Jersey, just last week.

The same hat teenagers have been harrassed and assaulted for wearing, usually by fully-grown adults.

And why is this freaking hat so freaking powerful, that it causes knuckle-dragging douchebags to react with violence against kids and old people?

Because douchebag-politicians and douchebags in the media have told the moronic douchebags who support them that it secretly means something it does not. It really doesn’t mean, quite simply, let’s “Make America Great Again,” but rather “I hate black people, Mexicans, women, and gays.”

The afore-mentioned douchebags argue that MAGA is race code for the “greatness” of America during the Jim Crow era. They argue this ridiculous crap to people who weren’t old enough to remember Jim Crow. Moreover, the douchebags making the Jim Crow arguement are, themselves, not old enough to remember Jim Crow. This, of course, is the douchebag argument of political douchebags who don’t have a reasonable explanation as to why and how Donald Trump and his supporters are inherently racist.

If “Make America great again” can be race code for “I hate black people,” then so can a hat that reads, “I’d like a sandwich,” or “dolphins are cool!” And that’s…stupid.

It’s also un-American. In fact, it is the very thuggish fascism the Liberal pukes claim Trump engages in.

I cannot promise you that I will wear my MAGA hat when I’m out and about with my family, primarily because–douchebags being douchebags–I wouldn’t want anyone I love getting assaulted because I’m wearing a f-cking hat.

But I will wear it out, here and there, by myself, and I most certainly will wear it every day on the live video stream.

It is sad and disturbing that in America, in the year 2019, a hat can get your ass kicked by morons and douchebags who would be much better served by reading a few history books than scoping out kids and old people to mess with.

In closing, if you happen to be a douchebag who is triggered by MAGA hats, I would ask you to take a long, honest look in the mirror.

See that douchebag staring back at you?

That’s what a racist looks like.

Oh, yeah. Bite me.

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