Sean Rima: Nancy Pelosi Is Full Of Crap.


So Nancy Pelosi–being a high-maintenance, passive-aggressive weirdo–sends The Trumpster a snarky letter earlier this week demanding that he either delay his SOTUA until the government has been reopened, or submit his address in writing. Her stated reason involves security concerns, suggesting the shutdown itself would put the President and members of congress at risk.

Since the letter was released to the public, countless sources from within Homeland Secuirty and the Secret Service have claimed there would be no security lapses during the SOTUA, as they have been working on the security of the address for months. Certainly, the Speaker would be aware of this fact.

Soooo she lied then. In the letter. I mean, if she’s saying something that she knows to be untrue…that would be a lie, right?

Of course, The Trumpster strikes back by cancelling her congressional delegation to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan, suggesting in his own equally-snarky letter to Pelosi, that perhaps she could fly commercial? Trump’s reasons for crap-canning the seven-day trip was that the Speaker needs to be in D.C. to continue working on the border impasse. Boom-shaka-laka.

Pelosi responds by claiming the administration caused a security risk by leaking her plans for a commercial flight to Afghanistan. The White House fires back that 20-some members of the U.S. Congress booking a commercial flight to the Middle East would be impossible to keep secret. Moreover, State Department communications to the Speaker clearly show the use of a commercial flight was strongly discouraged because the military base they were planning to visit is in an active war zone. Again, surely the Speaker would have known this, as the communications were directed to her office.

Soooooooo the claim of the leak was a lie, as well. Right? Right?

For myself, I wouldn’t trust Nancy Freaking Pelosi with my dry cleaning.

If she lies so easily in a public relations spat with the President, what else is she capable of lying about?

I would suggest anything and everything.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s



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