Sean Rima: On Adversity.

** Note: For those of who do not know, I lost my older brother, Roger, in a fire this past Sunday morning. I am flying to Maryland next week, and will be back the week after…


“Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?”

Job, 2:10.

This is my favorite line from Job.

For me, it represents the ‘parental’ love of The Divine. You could say the same thing about your mom or dad.

If, in order to protect you from all pain and suffering, your parents kept you locked in the house, and never let you go outside, we would consider it cruel. Moreover, society would define it as a form of child abuse. And so, we love our kids, and teach them everything we can to make them smart and strong…

…and then, with a worried lump in our throats, we send them out into a dangerous world, knowing they will find pain along the journey of their lives. But it’s the only way our children can ever truly LIVE.

In pain, we grow. In adversity, we become our better selves.

Likewise, I’m sure God could shield us from all the hurt and pain we humans suffer in the world…but how would that be any less cruel than if you did it to your own kids?

My friend¬†Grace McLen¬†once said to me that her old man would always tell her, “On the worst day of your life, I will still be your dad.”

That’s who God is to me.

I don’t know why my brother had to die the way he did, or why my stepdaughter has had to endure the painful journey she has been on since February, but I am certain it wasn’t God’s doing. Bad shit happens in the universe. It just does. And there’s often no reason for it at all. It’s biology. It’s random circumstance.

But I can tell you this: on every ‘worst’ day of my life, God was there for me, as God is there for me today.

Also, it has been through watching the daily courage and strength of my stepdaughter, Alysha Corkran, during her illness, that is now giving me the strength to deal with my brother’s death. She is my hero. She is my angel.

Thank you, God.

rev s



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