Sean Rima: On The Popping-Off Of Pop On Pop Culture Politics.


Once again, in order to endear himself to the wealthy “black guys” on his team, the equally-wealthy and vineyard-owning Coach Greg Popovich has popped back into the world of Social Justice and Liberal Politics by claiming the USA is a “racist country that hasn’t figured it out yet…”

The thing is, this time…he’s right.

Consider the hateful rhetoric that has dominated our national discourse on race for the past nine years or so:

–It is hateful and racist to believe a person is inherently a racist because they have white skin.

–It is hateful and racist to believe a person cannot possibly be racist because of their black skin.

–It is hateful and racist to believe all white people enjoy ‘privilege’ simply because they are white.

–It is hateful and racist to believe all white cops want to kill black people.

–It is hateful and racist to believe that blacks and Hispanics who support conservative politicians and causes are somehow ‘less black’ or ‘traitors’ to their race.

–It is hateful and racist to believe that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist.

–It is racist and insulting to believe blacks and Hispanics are incapable of producing a photo ID in order to vote.

Of course, I will be labelled a racist for pointing these things out, but every observation that I just listed is a stated  belief of the modern progressive movement in this country. If you deny it to be true, you’re just being a dumbass, or an asshole, or both.

Now, I don’t think Coach Pop is a dumbass or an asshole. I do think, however, that he suffers from the same intellectual dishonesty which many Honky Liberal Pukes from the Baby Boomer generation are afflicted with, and mostly without any conscious awareness of it.

Given that Democrats have been the strongest purveyors of racism in this country–whether you’re talking about the Democrats of the deep South who didn’t want to give up their slaves at the onset of the Civil War, or the Democratic congressmen, senators, governors, mayors and police chiefs who fought the hardest in support of Jim Crow and segregation during the Civil Rights era–there almost seems to be an inner-guilt with some older progressives who are still uncomfortable with their own history of racism. Guys like Popovich despise the fact that slavery was ended by a Republican president, that MLK was a Republican and a christian, and the folks who fought the hardest against both were…well…Democrats.

This inner-guilt is often salved by the outward appearances of being the one cracker in the room who is the most ‘woke,’ which really isn’t being ‘woke’ at all, but rather psychologically enslaved to the contrived (and self-serving) idea that because Donald Trump won an election, America is every bit as racist as it was sixty years ago. Moreover, it is systemically racist, even though it was that same system that brought us our first black president. Guess it wasn’t so racist for those eight years. Odd, that.

What’s more odd is that Pop’s brilliant coaching philosophy is one that embraces unity and equality, discourages victimhood, and embraces hard work and personal sacrifice over entitlement as being the pathways to success. In other words, his coaching style is everything his politics are not.

If only Popovich could bring a little more basketball into his world view, he might not sound like such a racist dumbass when he starts talking smack about current events.

Just saying…

Go, Spurs, go!

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