Sean Rima: Scumbags, Old And New.

As the Sexual Assault Accusation Train continues to roll down the tracks, sweeping up everyone in its wake from Roy Moore to Mister Sulu, one thing is becoming painfully obvious:

The three communities who spend the most time sermonizing to the rest of us about how to live and how to treat people are, themselves, apparently bloated with sexual abuse, victim settlements, and scumbaggery. The fact that these communities–Hollywood, the Media, and Government–are allowed to hold as much influence on our daily lives as they currently do is even more disturbing. We need to change that influence, and start turning our backs on these weirdos. They are all power-mad sex freaks, pedophiles and scumbags, and despite the vast wealth of each community, if they lived in trailer parks, you wouldn’t let your kids play there.

Of course, it is also no surprise that many of these a-holes are protected within their own circles, given the power and influence they wield over others. While it may be cleansing and inspiring to see these pukes being run outta town by the revelations of their victims, it is also sad to think that some of the worst of them will never experience the shame of having their sins revealed in the bright light of day. Hypocrisy being what it is, some of these monsters are still revered by their support base. And that’s a brand of sickness I cannot name, save for two words:

Bill. Clinton.

If you still think he is anything but a serial abuser and total scumbag, you may need to have youir own head examined…

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s





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