Sean Rima: The Whining of Barack Obama.


Last week, while receiving an ethics award from the University of Illinois, because, apparently, they believe he has some, Barack Obama chose to slam President Trump in a bitchy speech aimed primarily at reminding folks just how freaking great he was as president. Of course, most of it was self-aggrandizing bullshit. Shocking.

The biggest, smelliest pile of crapola was his whiny claim that the current economic boom is somehow his doing, despite having been out of office for 19 months.

Unfortunately for Obama, it is observably true that consumer and corporate confidence shot through the roof with the election of Donald Trump, resulting is an unemployment rate of 3.9% (which is the lowest it has been since 1969), a GDP rate of 4.2% (the highest in 4 years), wage increases up by 2.9% (the highest gain since 2009), and, in general, an economy that has grown by $1.4 trillion whereas under Obama at the same point in his presidency, it had grown by only $481 billion.

Trump is a business man who understands that allowing people and businesses to keep more of their own money through lower taxes and deregulation will ultimately lead to a stronger economy, which is precisely what is going on today in America. I’m a financial idiot, and even I can see what is happening.

Obama, on the other hand, is an arrogant ideologue who has never held a job in his life, and to the former president, I would like to pass on a message from all Americans who are currently enjoying the benefits of a Trumpian economy, myself included:

Sorry, Barack. You didn’t build that.

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