Sean Rima: Two Chicks in an Elevator.


Two chicks in an elevator.

One wears a neon green
bikini top and black yoga pants,
and her boobs are so big and
heavy, the bottoms show
every time she
smacks her gum
or tightens the strap
around her neck,

the other dressed head-to-
toe in a black hijab, with just a
thin rectangle cut into the fabric,
revealing her coal black
eyes, and I

glance at one while

looking away from the other,

as I hit the button for the
lobby, and chuckle,

“this elevator’s so slow,

I think I just had a birthday,”

and from somewhere behind
me, the sound of smacking gum,

and two chicks giggling,

just a little.



Copyright 2019 by Sean Rima.

“Poems” by Sean Rima to be released May 11 by Lulu Press.

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