Sean Rima’s Notebook: Thoughts On A Desperate Campaign.

“Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.”

Hunter S. Thompson.


Not only is the truth a “dangerous commodity” in journalism, but in politics, as well.

To understand this, at least in San Antonio, all one has to do is observe the careening Bullshit Train that is the Ron Nirenberg re-election campaign in the final weeks of a contentious mayoral run-off.

Without a record of achievements to point to and having run-out of snooty reasons why the little people of the Alamo City ‘deserve’ him as mayor, Nirenberg (and the snooty douchebags funding him) has opted for the same swamp-ass tactics that cost Hillary Freaking Clinton the White House in 2016. In this, modern Democrats would be wise to remember the words of Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Wisdom, of course, doesn’t seem to be afflicting the Nirenberg campaign these days.

Having barely survived a squeaker city election that led to the upcoming run-off vote, the Nirenberg camp has colluded with Robert Freaking Rivard and the Express-Pukes to hang an accusation of domestic violence around the neck of Greg Brockhouse, hoping the accusation alone will tank his chances on June 8th. From their perspective, it really doesn’t have to be true, no more true than Russian collusion in the Trump campaign. It only has to work.

The cynicism is obvious.

In a large city with a cancerous domestic violence problem, Nirenberg figures if he can attach the letters DV to Brockhouse, the voting public will drop the councilman like a hot rock. Moreover, this swampy tactic will force the debate to be centered around Brockhouse’s character rather than Nirenberg’s questionable choices as mayor, and his even more questionable connections to the Castros and their racist, Alamo-hating friends.

Of course, this evil plan will only work if, in fact, the admittedly-small voting public of San Antonio is that freaking stupid, at least stupid enough to believe a 2009 police report describing Greg Brockhouse as having blue eyes on documents dated from both 2007 and 2010. Odd, that.

Then again, maybe the Nirenberg supporters are that stupid.

Still, when the mayor asks about Greg’s “moral fiber,” as he did at the Rivard forum a few nights ago, one could also ask about the morality of dragging a man’s wife and kids into these toxic public accusations simply because Ron Nirenberg’s campaign is observably desperate.

For my dollar, such tactics are low-class and grotesque.

As for the so-called journalistic “ethics” of Robert Rivard and the Express-News, well…there’s a reason why Rivard has to publish his own stories and nine hobos are sleeping in the darkened upper floors of the E-N building, and it ain’t because of domestic violence or Russian collusion or Climate Freaking Change.

It’s because what stands for journalism in this town is a blathering, biased butthole sipping Liberal Kool Aid through a paper straw. And you can quote me on that, Brian.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s




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