Sen. Cruz introduces bill to stop non-citizen voting in nation’s capital

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is bringing forward a bill that would prohibit the Washington, D.C. city government from using federal funds to facilitate voting by non-citizens in the nation’s capital.

“Voting is a distinct right and privilege that American citizens enjoy in the United States. It is a responsibility, not to be treated lightly, and it must be protected. Voters decide not only who will lead our country, our cities and communities, but also how our tax dollars should be spent and what policies we should adopt. Even the Washington Post agrees that non-citizen voting is a terrible idea. Allowing non-citizens and illegal immigrants to vote in our elections opens our country up to foreign influence, and allows those who are openly violating U.S. law or even working for hostile foreign governments to take advantage and direct our resources against our will.”

The bill comes in response to the D.C. Council’s recently passed measure that would allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

Sen. Cruz also plans to introduce a Congressional Review Act resolution to overturn this measure if D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signs it into law.