Should Mayor, Council Get Raises?

Oh yeah, definitely.

I can’t sleep at night thinking about their booze bills, all the trips to climate conferences, and meantime all of us doing so well.

We haven’t seen this level of “YOLO” mentality since Fani Willis took Nathan Wade to those Napa wine-tastings.

OK, now here’s my real answer.

We don’t owe you people more money. 

You owe us.

This is a major American city without sidewalks where kids go to school, high-speed internet when they do their homework, and a quarter-million people living under the federal poverty line.

Where the SA Food Bank fills parking lots faster than the SA Spurs.

The honest truth about this city, which I love, is that it’s the seventh-largest metro in America, but doesn’t have an economic base to match. If we were were a person, it would be John Cena’s upper-body walking around on Dylan Mulvaney’s legs.

I immediately regret typing that last sentence. But that conundrum is clearly the main reason everything from major events to major league sports cuts a wide berth around what is, in many ways, one of the great American cities.

These City Hall people aren’t “public servants”—they are activists, who would be pushing for exactly the same self-serving, pathetic socialism and reverse racism if they weren’t on the public payroll at all.

They’re collecting salaries for doing what they would be doing anyway. 

Doing it on your dime, on your back.

And doing it instead of safer and better streets.

We don’t need a new sports arena, but we do need a much, much better playing field—for small start-up businesses, and the kind of move-ins that are going to Central Texas instead.

A raise?! Try saying “thank you.”


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