Shut Up and Get an Airhorn!

Back in the old days of last year, we were told that talking about dangerous cities and the crime surge was just a “dogwhistle” of racism, a GOP talking point, or a Fox News “trope”. You know, or all three.

Well, we’ve gone from dogwhistles to airhorns.

Take it away, Washington Examiner:

“Crime in Oakland, California, has become so bad that police are telling people to carry air horns with them so they can alert their neighbors when they are being attacked by the criminals the city refuses to jail.

“Police have told residents to carry air horns with them and to add security bars to the doors and windows of their homes to deter criminals. Burglaries are up 41% in Oakland compared to last year, and robberies are up 20%. Compared to 2019, thefts and assaults have doubled, and carjackings have tripled.”

When you’ve transformed your local NAACP into a pro-policing advocacy group, you’ve really accomplished something.

Partial credit for that goes to Alameda County DA Pamela Price, another of the George Soros bought-and-paid for pols (like in Bexar County). She’s getting criminals off, putting the ankle-monitor brigades out onto the streets so they can do what they do best.

When you hire bakers who are against bread, you don’t get bread.

When you hire prosecutors who are “anti-incarceration”…well, you get the idea.

“Get an airhorn” sounds like “let them eat cake”.

Maybe all those airhorns will wake up some voters.

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