More Signs of a “Fractured” GOP?

Is it another sign of a deeply fractured Republican Party ahead of the Convention in Cleveland later this month?

“A great concern that a Donald Trump Nomination by the GOP would ensure that Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency” said San Antonio Delegate Grant Moody–who is part of the larger “Free the Delegates” movement–calling for delegates to the Convention to be allowed to vote their conscience in choosing the Republican Presidential Nominee.

“I fear we’ll also lose the Senate with him (Trump) at the top of the Ticket” Moody told KTSA News, adding his view that party unity is a bad reason for Republicans to line up behind Trump.

“Once you get past that point, and realize he’s losing in 24 of the last 25 public polls–and, it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better–then, you accept the only way that we’re going to defeat Hillary (Clinton) ion November is with a different candidate” Moody said.

The movement doesn’t have a particular replacement for Trump in mind.

“The movement is ultimately about Donald Trump–and that Donald Trump is not the nominee that we can unite behind who can actually win in November” Moody said, admitting Republican voters had pretty clearly rejected the other names that were on the ballot during the primaries and caucuses.

However, Moody quickly added his belief that things have changed.

“Over the last four months, we’ve seen a lot of erratic behavior from Donald Trump” Moody said.



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