Smith and McCarthy: Toe to Toe–Again

Another chapter of the feud between Congressman Lamar Smith and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is in the books.

The pair sparred again during a House Science Committee hearing Wednesday Afternoon. At one point, Smith took aim at the Administration’s controversial Clean Power Plan–citing a report issued by an arm of the Energy Department.

“Reduce economic growth, increase electricity costs, and cost 400-thousand jobs over the next fifteen years” Smith said, reading from the report.

“That is exactly the opposite of what believe will happen based on our independent analysts” McCarthy responded–to which Smith replied”It’s nice to have the Administration at war with itself.”

The Congressman also took aim at the controversial Paris Accords–citing the findings of a number of scientists who see little impact ultimately have little impact on climate change.

“The Paris agreement was an incredible achievement that changed the direction of the world” McCarthy said.

Smith’s reply: “It’s you against all of these other scientists–and that’s ok.”



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