Snag in Plans for New Federal Courthouse?

By Bill O’Neil

Could the much-celebrated plans for replacing San Antonio’s outdated federal courthouse have run in to a snag?

Congressman Henry Cuellar fears that possibility amid questions over what was originally a $113-million plan.

“The architect and the contractor are saying $113-million is not enough–we need over $160-million” the Congressman said, voicing his frustration over the turn of events.

“To be off by over $50-million originally–that’s a problem in my opinion” Cuellar said.

The gap has been closed a bit–but Cuellar said there is still work to be done–and he’s very concerned the wrangling might lead to long delays for the much-needed replacement of the current outdated federal courthouse on Cesar Chavez.

“We don’t want the courthouse to be delayed. We want it built and we want something that has the security features and everything that we brought up” the Congressman said.



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