Snarking About ‘Space Force’ And Other Stupid-Sounding Stuff

Snark alert: snowflakes may be triggered.

No question there is a need for space-based defenses—our modern battlefields depend on nearly 100 military space vehicles which are the eyes and ears of our forces, commanders and strategists. But “Space Force” sounds like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Could we just do this without a colossal waste of money (nope) and in a sort of cool, 1960s “do it without naming it” style? Would JFK have called it a “space force”?

Speaking of space, former astronaut and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson looks all by his lonesome on his sky-is-falling announcement that Russian operators are inside the voter registration computers in at least a few Florida counties. It seems to be news to the election heads in those counties, and his Senate colleague Marco Rubio’s office says they know nothing. Don’t get me wrong—the integrity of voting and vote counts is a likely target of foreign governments and non-state actors. And our two beloved political parties, who know the most about gaming the system. But, facts first.

Had you ever heard of Paul Manafort before 2016? Are you actually interested in his prosecution? Who cares about this guy? It looks like he dodged taxes and failed to register as a foreign agent, so I’m good with trying him, and the relevant US Attorney could have done that. These charges have nothing to do with Donald Trump or the campaign. Here’s why some of us want the Mueller thing wrapped up:  Mueller seems to have an open-ended commission to go after anybody who ever supported, met with or did business with, Trump. Had some of these people ever suspected something like the Mueller probe was possible, would they have been intimidated from those associations? What happens to our democracy if regular, non-millionaire people are afraid to go anywhere near the election process?

Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ ambulance-chasing, camera-loving lawyer, is going to Iowa to kick off his presidential campaign. He promises that this is not a publicity ploy. No, of course not.

An Atlanta charter school made headlines for announcing they were eliminating the Pledge of Allegiance from the start of the school day. After a predictable backlash, they explained that they were just rescheduling it. Two words: virtue-posing.

“Rescheduling” the pledge has a very “move the Cenotaph” or “Lee High School becoming L.E.E. High School” feel to it.

At least we can count on the NFL players. Preseason’s underway, and the anthem protests started immediately. Just like last year.

No rescheduling.






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