Some restaurant dining areas are opening today with limited capacity

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – If you were thinking about dining at your favorite restaurant Friday, you’d better call ahead.  Many will not be opening for awhile because of the restrictions allowing only 25-percent capacity.

Louis Barrios, whose family owns four restaurants, says they’re all opening today, but they’re treating this as a soft opening.

“When you first open a restaurant, you just open the doors and people start coming in little by little,” Barrios said. “It’ll allow us to train our employees incrementally.”

Employees will have to learn how to apply the COVID-19 protocols at work.  They’ll have to learn to observe social distancing guidelines and sanitize constantly.

Barrios says they won’t be making any money with their restaurants only 1/4 full, but he says that gives them an opportunity to bring back some of their employees.  Those who have underlying health issues and want to wait stay at home a little longer will be able to do so.  You may have to wait awhile to get a table.

“People can sign up at the hostess stand, but then they have to wait in their car until their table is ready, so the governor has put in place that we can only have up to six people per table.  The beautiful thing is that our restaurants have huge patios.

Los Barrios, La Hacienda de Los Barrios on Redland Road, Viola’s Ventanas and  La Hacienda Scenic Loop are opening Friday.

“We’re very happy that we get to start opening up our economy again because the city’s got to balance the budget and the state’s got to balance the budget, and they’re going to need the revenues, too,” said Barrios.  “Somebody’s got to lead the way.”





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