Someone Is Following Kids Home From School

…and, surprise, it’s “science”.

Specifically, it’s Scientific American, or “SCI-AM”, calling for federal homeschooling regulation.

Yeah, those homeschool parents seem like a good group to pick a fight with. Really, excellent idea.

The magazine (by the way, is there any actual “science” in this topic?) notes that the homeschooling trend really took off during and after COVID-19. Let’s talk about that: COVID lockdowns seemed to do two or three things, simultaneously. First, they made kitchen tables into classrooms, giving parents unprecedented views into what was being taught.

Around the same time we started waking up to what they were teaching, the *what* was getting wackier and more radical.

And, also at this time, we began to see that the supposed professional education-types were oblivious to the damage and deficits of “distance-learning”, and were often resorting to “interpretive dance” and old fashioned work-stoppages. As opposed to getting kids back to school, back around each other, back into their extracurricular activities. Things our kids desperately needed.

It occurred to not a few of us that the people who had asked for the privilege of “educating the future” instead seemed to want more time off in the present.

SCI-AM is concerned that “no one checks to see that homeschoolers are receiving an education”.

Well, except for the mom or dad doing the schooling, but, like, whatevs! If only someone loved your kids like the government does.

“In the worst cases, homeschooling can hide abuse”.

Or…a classroom teacher can counsel your kid into a new set of pronouns and tell everyone except you. Hate to break this to the “scientists”, but many homeschool families believe they are escaping abuse of their children, not starting up BDSM cults. Nice try, though. It’s always good to deeply insult parents who are sacrificing for their kids and their principles.

“Homeschool parents should be required to undergo a background check”, says SCI-AM. Remember the old joke about how you need licenses to drive, fly, and cut hair, but no license to have kids? Looks like we’re on our way to remedying that.

Background checks to see if you should be trusted with your child. Dude. 

The next few years of school board meetings just got a lot more interesting.

You know what? I’m glad Scientific American shared this brilliant proposal.

It’s been a while since someone offered a fresh new reason for exiting the government school monolith.

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