You should care about the country, your community, the election, the economy. Stay informed.

This is not a call to ignorance.

But, at the end of your day (or night, as it may be), you should let go.

It’s unhealthy and pointless to rush home to argue politics on Facebook. Or marinate in the misery of one or another TV channel’s wheel-of-torture punditry.

You know this is true.

That’s why Facebook users find so much joy in “pet posts.”

You don’t have to be a pet owner to get the warm fuzzies from links like this.

A dog “discovers” his owner who’s just back from a 12 month deployment.

Here’s one where a guy adopts a pup named Stanley. The dog is so damn happy to be going home with his new “dad” that he keeps one paw on him constantly.

Several years ago, a UPS driver named Sean started collecting photos of animals (mostly dogs, but sometimes cats, deer, raccoons, sheep…) that he and other drivers encountered on their routes.

Now it’s a Facebook page called UPS Dogs.

Not to be outdone, the Postal Service has one too.

What I love about Sean’s idea is that a.) he finds joy in his work and b.) he’s sharing it.

Pets provably lower the blood pressure and raise the peace-of-mind of their owners. I think there’s probably some second-hand goodness in hearing or seeing stories like these, even for non-owners.

The eagerness of social media users to see and share this stuff tells me that we know we should be happy, and that we need to let go of the politics.

I hope for these last couple of minutes you were able to do that.


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