As A Sports Fan, I’m Rooting For More Of This

Susan Pamerleau (left), Elaine Wolff, Jack Riccardi and Robert Fleming


“We know what you’re against—but what are you FOR?”

It’s harder to describe, right? But I know it when I hear it, and thanks to a new listener named Doug, I’m for what P.K. Subban, stellar defenseman for the Nashville Predators, is doing.

If you don’t know him, P.K. is a premier NHL player whose family emigrated to Canada from the Caribbean in the 1970s. Surprisingly, the young man fell in love with hockey (rooting for the Canadiens despite living in Toronto). Today he’s one of the very few black NHL players (his younger brother Malcolm is also a rising talent).

Like a lot of pro athletes, Subban has a “fan section” at his team’s home arena. But he does something special.

According to (thanks for sharing this, Doug!), the seating section hosts members of the Metro Nashville P.D. and matches them up with underprivileged youth to sit and enjoy the hockey game together.


He’s new to playing for a U.S. team, but he knows how other American athletes are expressing themselves these days, and what the challenges are. He’s not critical. But:

“I think it’s important for us to be role models in terms of building bridges and being a part of solutions to social issues and different things that go on in our community.”

P.K. Subban hopes he can inspire other players in the NHL, not to mention in the NFL, NBA and MLB, to follow his lead.

I hope he can, too.

We need it.



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