Where To Start With This Week’s Lunacy…

Activists gather around the Robert E. Lee statute at Lee Park chanting the names of Civil War era activists Tuesday, June 30, 2015, in Dallas. John Fullinwider, president of the Dallas Peace Center hopes the gathering will prompt a dialogue with city officials regarding what to do with the confederate symbols around the city. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Happy eclipse day!

Unless you are prpfessor Alice Ristroph. Professor Ristroph penned a piece for The Atlantic magazine, which appears to be serious and not satire, in which she expresses trouble with today’s eclipse because not enough black people live in the path of totality.

She apparently thinks the skies are sending a message about racist cities and counties that need to do a better job of integration.

Then there’s UT President Greg Fenves who took a page from the book of the Mayor of Baltimore and ordered the removal of Confederate statues under the cover of darkness last night. Why is that necessary? It’s not like people aren’t going to notice. What are they so afraid of that they have to do it in the middle of the night?

On Friday, Six Flags theme park in Dallas took down the Confederate flag from the front of their park. The flag has been flying there since 1961 and hasn’t been a problem – until now…

Protesters gathered around the statue of Dr James Sims in NY Central Park over the weekend demanding his likeness be removed. Dr. Sims is considered the ‘father of modern gynecology,’ and some say his actions were racist.

Duke U took down the Robert E Lee statue over the weekend after the statue was defaced by some vandals.

The fight to ditch the name Robert E Lee from the iconic San Antonio high school has returned. A 19 year-old former Clark student began a petition last week to rename the famous school.

Meanwhile, students at USC in CA want their mascot’s name changed. The iconic white horse named ‘Traveler’ has the same name as Robert E Lee’s horse. According to the LA Times, a group of black students think it’s racist and want it gone. By the way, Lee’s horse was spelled with two L’s as in “Traveller.”

In Colorado a man pulled into a fast food joint for a burger. As he was getting out of his car he heard someone shout, “You one of those neo-Nazi dudes?” That’s when Joshua Witt says he was stabbed. The reason? His haircut is cropped on the sides and long on the top. Somehow his attacker believed he was sporting the ‘Nazi’ doo.

On Saturday, protesters took in after the Christopher Columbus statue in Detroit saying Chris “Represents white supremacy at every level.” His image remains – for now.

Finally, police say ANTIFA protesters in Charlottesville and Boston threw human urine and feces at police and journalists. Apparently the mask-wearing warriors pee and poo in balloons and bags and throw them at the opposition.¬†Way to keep it classy…

Have a great week.

Maybe we won’t need to worry about this lunacy continuing. If the end times guys are right, it all ends at noon today….



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