State Rep Wants to Create “Fostels”

It’s Governor Greg Abbott’s top priority for the Texas Legislature this session–and, a North Texas State Representative thinks he has part of the solution for making improvements at the State’s troubled Child Protective Services.

Collin County’s Scott Sanford calls them “Fostels.”

“A fostel will be a volunteer home that has been cleared to house children in CPS care for no more than two weeks” Sanford said in rolling out his bill at the State Capitol in Austin Wednesday Afternoon.

“This would keep children in their schools, in their existing support structures, and minimize disruption in their lives” Sanford said, seeing a best possible outcome for a lot of kids who may not end ups pending a lot of time in the system.

“For short term cases, the children can simply return home without ever leaving their schools, their teachers, and friends” Sanford said, also pointing to a another potential positive he sees for the system as a whole.

“Fostels will create a broad on ramp of potential new foster parents by allowing them to wade in to the water, understand the CPS system, and understand the tough issues these children face” Sanford said.



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