Why Stephen Colbert is a Douche.

I don’t watch any late night television, mostly because that art form began rotting on the vine with the retirement of Johnny Carson back in 1992. Leno wasn’t funny, and, once he moved to CBS, Letterman turned into an unfunny prick. That’s when I checked out.

As for the lineup these days, unless you find snotty jokes about Republicans entertaining, there’s not much out there. Kimmel hasn’t been interesting since he left “The Man Show,” and Jimmy Fallon, well…he just ain’t Carson.

I did think Stephen Colbert was kinda funny when he was still doing the Bill O’Reilly-esque “Colbert Report,” mostly because I tend to think good parody is hard to find these days. Once he dropped the shtick, of course, Colbert became just another asshole Liberal puke with a desk and a couch. Again, I checked out, and went back to my beloved reruns of “Columbo” on Netflix.

Now, apart from not being funny, the main reason I don’t watch any of these guys is that they are completely full of crap when it comes to politics. Like most programming (news included) on the three major broadcast networks, only one political bias is allowed. The assumption is that everyone in America who matters is a Leftist Puke, and everyone else is a redneck, racist, homophobic rube who is deserving of insults and derision. Moreover, they deserve to be discounted, bullied, and shouted-down. Silenced. Guys like Colbert freaking HATE Middle America, despite the fact that he requires a fair amount of Middle American rubes to watch his show every night or he goes back to doing dumb ass car commercials.

It is precisely this ego-driven disconnect between Hollywood America and Real America that ultimately led to the election of Donald Trump, which is why it is so surreal to watch douche bags like Colbert double-down on the shrill bullshit that Russia ruined Hillary and only racist, gay-hating white guys voted for Trump. This was on full-display last night when, apparently, Colbert went on an insult-rant against Trump in defense of another Liberal douche, Face The Nation host, John Dickerson.

The finale involved Colbert cracking that Trump has gay sex with Vladimir Putin, a joke his Puke audience loved and almost gave him a standing ovation for. Now, think about that crap for a second.

Forget the obvious hypocrisy of a crowd of intolerant weirdos who routinely accuse Trump of being hateful and crude really digging a blowjob joke at his expense, and this despite Meryl Streep’s teary-ass plea for civility and compassion at last year’s Golden Globes. Focus, instead, on the really ugly hypocrisy of an American Liberal, who, we must assume, supports Gay Rights, having no moral ripple in the pond over dropping a homophobic slur on broadcast television. Wow. Kind of makes the whole Chick-Fil-A thing sound pathetic, yes?

Seriously, as long as Fascist (yes, I said Fascist) Liberal Weenies continue to undermine their own validity with this ongoing Trump Snit Fit, the more unaffiliated dudes like me will feel better about voting for The Trumpster, and the more power and influence the Democratic party will continue to lose over the course of the next few election cycles.

Stephen, if you really want to know why Donald Trump is your president, look in a freaking mirror, brother. There it is, right in front of you. Douche.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s






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