Stop Me If This Sounds Crazy…

Have you noticed how, all of a sudden, there are no elected officials in favor of Prop A?

That initiative is suddenly as lonely as Gregg Popovich at CPAC. One by one, A’s friends act like they don’t want to sit with it at lunch. Weird.

Am I that persuasive? No, it’s not that. In fact, I have a kind of tin foil-hat idea I wanna run by you.

You know how most SA elections are about 8-14% voter turnout? And how that sliver of always-dependable voters can always be depended on to elect “progressives” or Trotskyites, or whatever you want to call them?

So…what if these voters are getting a wink-and-nod from these pols, from Mayor Nirenberg on down through the council members and candidates? Maybe it goes like this: we KNOW you guys will turn out and vote, and vote FOR Prop A. But we need to discourage the opposition from voting, or thinking that Prop A is imminent.

To do that, we will publicly renounce it—say it goes too far or it would be unenforceable versus state law. Saying that, though, is just to tamp down any worries or passions running against it. When Joe Average sees all the lefty poster boys and girls dissing it, they won’t think it’s important to vote down, or maybe to vote at all. The threat has ended! It’s DOA!

And you 8-14 percenters will still come out and put it over the top, like you always do with every “progressive” scheme.

You can win any election by either turning out more of your voters, or discouraging more of the other side’s.

I told you it sounds crazy. I can’t prove it.

Still, the people who fought to get ‘A’ on the ballot didn’t just suddenly come to their senses.

I wonder.

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