Stop Running Against Joe Biden, GOP

President Joe Biden is in Jimmy Carter territory now, and I didn’t think we’d ever go back there.

Jimmy probably didn’t either.

The current president’s mental and physical decline is so rapid and undeniable, that his party may simply have to replace him. And, no matter who replaces him, they will be harder to beat because they won’t be him.

It’ll change the whole complexion of the 2024 election. Right now, Trump, DeSantis, Haley and Ramaswamy would defeat Biden, I think. Republicans are tearing themselves apart over which one it should be.

Democrats are way less emotional about this stuff.

They used Biden in 2020 to front their radical “progressive” agenda, and they will calmly plug in a different candidate as needed. It’ll be a hiring process, nothing more. Remember, they won’t even have to explain why the extraordinary ditching of an incumbent president, or justify it, because their media allies will do all that for them.

Republicans have to resist the temptation to make this all about Biden, because it never was, anyway. He’s just the symptom, not the malady.

If you’re not ready for the switch, GOP, you will lose.

The focus should be issues, values, and the divide between normal people and completely bonkers ideas about economics, energy,children, education, race and rule of law. No normal person in a red or blue state chooses to live, or wants to live, the way progressives are insisting that we all live.

Nominate the candidate best able to articulate this, and best able to demonstrate effective action against it.

Biden could be off the board at any moment, and a campaign oriented around opposing him will go nowhere.

Run on what’s happening, and what you will do about it. We’re waiting.



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