“Stopping Trump” in The E.C. Is A Cash Business All The Way

Did Hillary Clinton have her fingers crossed when she conceded the election to Donald Trump?

The Denver Post reports a group calling itself “Hamilton Electors” is forming a “527” (entitled to raise unlimited funds from individuals, companies and other groups, like unions). The mission: to convince Republican electors to support Mrs. Clinton or a third-party choice, so that when no one has the minimum 270 electoral votes, the selection of the next president goes to the U.S. House.

The paper quotes a Democratic coatholder named Michael Baca as saying people are “throwing” money at them.

Question: For what?

If you’re really just lobbying electors, and you only need 37 of them to peel off from Trump-Pence (they have 306, so 306-37=269), why would you need to raise money?

It’s not a nationwide campaign, you don’t hold rallies or buy TV time. You’re talking about a grand total of 538 electors, of whom you’re only interested in 306, and of the 306, you can probably safely rule out at least two thirds of them as rock-solid GOPers.

So, and I am being generous here, you have roughly 100 men and women, to whom you make your pitch to save the Republic from the Donald. Really, it’s not even 100.

Again, you need money for what?

The premise of this political suicide mission is self-evident: that a Republican-pledged elector just knows Trump is wrong, and must be stopped. What more is there to say? It costs nothing to ask him or her, because they already know in their heart what they’re going to do. Right?

You aren’t stupid enough to try and bribe them, are you?

Are you buying each of them lunch?

Here’s a laugh: Baca throws out this bone to his dupes—er, donors: “In all likelihood, when it’s all said and done, we’ll probably end up sending that money back to the people.”

Yeah, “probably.” If you like your donation, you can keep your donation.

And so what if you pull this trick off—now you ruin the holidays for half or more of the American people as we go  through the winter machinations of the House vote (see the 12th Amendment here for how it works), where Republicans control a large majority of the state delegations?

House Republicans won’t be dis-electing Donald Trump, especially not after Carrier, and having to face the voters again in 2018. They’re not electing Hillary, and they’re not electing someone who received 0 electoral votes.

So why are you fundraising, Hamilton Burg—I mean Hamilton Electors?

Oh yeah, it’s all about that old saying. You know the one, about “a fool and his money”.



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