Storms Leave Damage at Retama Park

The severe weather Sunday night and Monday Morning has left a big clean up behind at Retama Park.

“There are tree branches that have been snapped… siding on the side of the main building completely ripped off and strewn about” said former KTSA Reporter Frank Alosa, who now works at Retama.

“Inside, it looks like some of the ceiling tiles and insulation have literally been ripped off and thrown about… there’s a puddle of water on the inside of the concourse level of the grand stand” he told us, painting a picture of some widespread, heavy damage.

There were people working at the track overnight, thankfully though, no one there was hurt.

“Looking out through the concourse level of the grand stand, you can usually see the tote board all lit up during racing meets… half of that tote board is just laying on the ground right now” Frank said.



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