Study: 2 Texas cities in top 10 for fastest rising inflation in US

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The debate continues on how interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve are impacting what some call an economic crisis in the United States.

What is not up for debate, is that inflation continues to happen, and Texas has two cities where it is rising faster than just about anywhere else.

A WalletHub study breaks down Consumer Price Index data from 22 major metropolitan areas, and it turns out Houston ranks 7th in the nation for highest inflation. It may come as no surprise that Dallas-Ft.Worth comes in a few spots down in 10th place on the list.

Nowhere in the US is inflation sky-rocketing more than in the Philadelphia metro, where the Consumer Price Index was up 2.00% in March when compared to January.

Believe it or not, Los Angeles came in dead last, possibly because of the mass influx of people fleeing the Golden State – or the possibility that prices simply cannot go up anymore.

You can see the entire WalletHub breakdown by clicking here.

Source: WalletHub

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