Study: Five Texas cities are Top 10 most humid in U.S.

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — If you live in Texas, there is a good chance you know a thing or two about how humidity factors in with summertime heat. Proof of this possibility is the fact that five Texas cities have made it on a list of Top 10 Most Humid Cities in the U.S.

House Method studied more than 300 cities in making a list, and Texas was visible early and often:

Brownsville (#4)
Port Arthur (#5)
Victoria (#6)
Corpus Christi (#9)
Houston (#10)

The study showed Lake Charles, Louisiana at the top spot, which was followed by Jackson and Meridian, Mississippi. Florida landed four cities in the Top 15 portion of the list, the only state to challenge the same number of cities Texas put on the list.

House Method also went the other direction in creating a list of least humid cities, with El Paso landing at No. 6 in the Top 15.

Las Vegas was the least humid city in the United States.