Study: Texas is 7th-best state to drive in

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The next time you fee like complaining about traffic or drivers in Texas, remember that you are not in California, Missouri, Pennsylvania or any number of states that are far worse to drive in.

A WalletHub study finds the Lone Star State sitting at No.7 in the United States for drivers, with special recognition going to Texas’ lowest average gas prices in the country.

In addition to low gas prices, Texas also finished at No.5 in terms of most auto-repair shops per capita, with only Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and California having more.

You could also argue Texas has more clean cars than anywhere else in the country as it tied with California and Florida for most car washes per capita. Texas also has the 5th-fewest days with precipitation and the 2nd-most car dealerships per capita.

The WalletHub study broke down numerous other factors is ranking all 50 states, including the amount of time drivers spend in traffic, the likelihood a car might be stolen, and how much it costs to fix a car.

You can take in the entire study by clicking here.

Source: WalletHub