It’s rich to hear politicians who’ve been in office since the dawn of time declare their impatience with “nothing getting done”.

Pols like Joe Biden, and his Bexar County brother-by-another-mother, Nelson Wolff.

The authors of “getting nothing done” have had “enough”. Oh, really?

Coincidentally, I’ve had enough too. Enough of them.

Enough of pretending they’re bystanders instead of participants.

Enough of blaming Americans and Texans first.

Enough of failing to defend rights and law-abiding people, whether they’re eking out a living on the border, or just trying to defend themselves in their homes.

Remember every time you hear one of them moan about “enough” or ask “when will we finally act…?”—since they seem so…tired…we should give them a break by tossing them out of office.

“Something needs to be done”? Well, that’s something.

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