Super Bowl LIV: The best ads from 2020

Super Bowl LIV ended in the Kansas City Chiefs’ first championship in franchise history, but that doesn’t mean Patrick Mahomes and co. were the only victors in this year’s big game. The best Super Bowl commercials of 2020 played to our heartstrings, kept us laughing and captivated us almost as much as the 31-20 comeback from the Chiefs.

One of the biggest standouts came from Google, which showed that its home assistance service can do more than just set reminders or timers for day to day activities. Google’s Super Bowl commercial touched on a man’s memories of his dearly departed wife and how meaningful every nuance of her was to him over the course of their marriage.

The commercial clearly resonated with viewers and garnered considerable chatter on Twitter, with one user saying “I’m in tears. Good job.”

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Another standout Super Bowl commercial touched on levity instead, with Hyundai playing on the iconic Boston accent for its “Smaht Pahk” commercial.

Comedian Rachel Dratch and actor Chris Evans admire John Krasinksi’s ability to wedge his car into even the tightest of parking spots thanks to Hyundai’s latest automated feature. The commercial features another Boston legend, Big Papi David Ortiz as the car effortlessly maneuvers into its designated spot.

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Pringles emerged victorious with its own innovative commercial with a play on the “Rick and Morty” inter-dimensional cable episodes fans love. Morty makes his own flavor combinations to disastrous ends and Rick and Summer realize they’re stuck in their very own commercials for the potato chip brand and likely won’t be compensated properly.

“How much do you think Pringles pays these people?” Summer asks.

“Hardly anything,” Rick responds.

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Mountain Dew leaned heavily on Byran Cranston’s impressive acting chops for a recreation of several iconic scenes from “The Shining.” The ad spot also features Tracee Ellis Ross in Shelley Duvall’s role of Wendy Torrance as Cranston’s Jack Torrance unveils a sugar-free version of the popular soft drink after chopping his way through a wall.

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Finally, Rocket Mortgage rounded out the top commercial spots for Super Bowl LIV with an ad featuring Jason Momoa showing us the “real him.” The actor and heartthrob reveals he’s less buff and intimidating than his appearance will have viewers believe as he lauds the Quicken Loan service for its ability to see him as he actually is.

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