Supreme Court Takes on Immigration

Could the U.S. Supreme Court end up setting the record straight when it comes to just how far a President can go with “Executive Orders?”

The High Court has decided to review the legal dispute surrounding President Barack Obama’s order shielding millions of illegal immigrants from being deported. The State of Texas has taken the lead in the effort to block the President’s orders from taking effect. A total of twenty-six states have filed suit.

Many legal experts are surprised at the wide scope the Justices will take in their review.

“There’s one question whether the President complied with administrative law with his executive action on immigration” South Texas College of Law Constitutional Law expert Josh Blackman told KTSA News, adding “The far broader question is whether his actions are Constitutional–and whether they violate separation of powers.”

Blackman said the final ruling–due by the end of June–could speak volumes.

“I think the Supreme Court decision has the potential to clarify the scope of the President’s executive power–and how much he can do without Congress” Blackman said, pointing out the issue could well end up in the lap of President Obama’s successor–depending on the outcome of the case.

“Even if President Obama wins this case, he won’t have enough time left in office to implement the policy. This would fall to a successor–whether it’s a Republican or Democratic President” Blackman said.



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