“Surprise!” ‘Loki’ will now debut June 9 on Disney+

Leave it to the God of Mischief to jump through time again: Marvel Studios has just announced its anticipated Disney+ series Loki will premiere two days earlier than expected — it now drops June 9.

Star Tom Hiddleston himself made the announcement, interrupting a “long superhero montage” that dropped on YouTube Wednesday. “I noticed that during these…Loki tends to get a bit left out,” Hiddleston explains. “Even though, arguably he’s incredibly heroic himself. You know, cunning, charming.”

“I could go on,” he smiles, before getting serious, adding, “but why don’t I just prove it to you.”

The public service announcement ends with the logo for the show and the new date.

Although his character apparently met his end in Avengers: Infinity War, Loki managed to avoid that fate by stealing the time-traveling power of The Tesseract and warping off to points unknown in Avengers: Endgame., setting the scene for Loki, the series.

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